Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

What is Holistic Lifestyle Coaching?

Briefly, it's coaching on the techniques used to increase vitality, decrease stress and sculpt the body of your dreams. The human body is cybernetic, in that it's a system of inter-related systems. To effectively achieve and maintain health, vitality and ultimate happiness, i.e. a healthy mind-body, one must explore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of one's self.

Why would I need to hire a Holistic Lifestyle Coach?

If you've ever felt stuck in life, it could be a job, a bad relationship or two, have body shape challenges, developed food intolerances or fungal/parasite infections, suffer from chronic pain and/or fatigue, diagnosed with a chronic illness, or just feel crappy and get sick a lot, or any combination of these, than a Holistic Lifestyle Coach can give you the tools you need to eat, move and be healthy.

What does the program involve?

First we'll need to determine where the individual is at with their stressors, which will require some assessment in the form of questionnaires. One's eating habits, physiological (stress) load, sleeping habits and physical attributes will be evaluated to develop a personalized program for YOU. In the practice of HLC, the program is designed to fit the individual, instead of fitting an individual to a program, which is a common mistake made by a lot of dieticians and personal trainers.

How do you coach someone on his or her lifestyle habits?

First we establish motivation with the identification the individual's dream, and aspects of the individual's lifestyle that contribute to or dissuade them from living their dream. Being holistic, the approach is to achieve/maintain homeostasis (balance) in your mind-body, by managing the stressors in all areas of your life, so that you can effectively live your dream.

Is an HLC, a personal trainer, nutritionist or therapist?

A C.H.E.K. Institute trained HLC is a combination of personal trainer, nutritionist, and healthy lifestyle advisor. An HLC is not a Therapist or Doctor, nor is an HLC a replacement for a Therapist or Doctor. An HLC's goal is to keep their Clients out of Doctors and Therapists' offices!

How much are HLC fees?

Hourly, the rate is $80, but discounts are available by buying sessions in bulk. Just like we're different on the inside and outside, our challenges are different, so we go at the individual's pace. We recommend undergoing an initial assessment, which costs $225. The assessment includes a comprehensive health appraisal and program design plus a free copy of Paul Chek's book, “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!” This fee is non-refundable as it's a 3-4 hour exercise. From there a recommendation will be made as to which package may best suit you, depending on your goals:

ProgramCommitmentTotal Cost
(Taxes not included)
High Stress18 sessions$1296
Moderate Stress12 sessions$912
Mild Stress6 sessions$480

How many sessions does it typically take to achieve one's goals?

Again, this depends on the individual's goals and the extent to which an individual is stressed. Someone with a lot of stressors in their lives, including significant chronic pain, and body shape/lifestyle challenges, could take up to 6 months to address chronic pain alone.

How do you know this works and what's your refund policy if one doesn't get results?

I know this works because the only way to be an effective coach is to walk the talk. I'm not perfect, nor am I clairvoyant, but I will ensure you that if you apply all that you are coached on, you will achieve your goals with out ever looking back. That means results last! Diet and exercise are only two aspects of an individual's life that can produce or alleviate stress. (We do our best to address them all!) The challenges people experience in these areas are not necessarily in the physical realm, but can be commonly found in the mental, emotional and spiritual realms. We are so confident in this approach that, if an individual can establish that he/she has applied all that's taught, and still couldn't get the desired results, then the program fee will be refunded, no questions asked!