Paul Barkovich
Paul Barkovich CRSP, HLC

“Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power.” Paul Chek, HHP, NMT SAN DIEGO, CA: More and more, the desire to get in shape and to stay healthy involves enlisting the help of a personal trainer or lifestyle coach. Dozens of organizations in the fitness industry now issue certifications to each, promising competency with those certified. But what makes one certification better than the other? And most importantly, who gets lasting results?

Now, a revolutionary approach to health, fitness, and increased vitality has arrived. Kneaded Care's Paul Barkovich, a Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC), recently became a CHEK Institute trained HLC Level 3, using the cutting-edge techniques of world-renowned Holistic Health Practitioner and certified Neuromuscular Therapist Paul Chek; founder of the C.H.E.K Institute in San Diego, CA. Chek, a sought-after teacher and speaker, has had unparalleled success using his holistic approach in rehabilitation and conditioning for over 18 years.

To become a C.H.E.K. HLC, Paul attended and completed the third level of the C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Advanced Training Program in December 2014 and has been applying those holistic lifestyle principles to his own life. This program combines an intensive study of the relationship between food and lifestyle habits and the tools to recognize and create individualized eating plans to improve clients' health and overall wellness. In addition, a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach understands the important roles that sleep, food quality, stress reduction techniques, and exercise play in improving the health of their clients and learn practical methods that initiate valuable lifestyle changes.

For 15 years Paul has been working in the field of environmental health & safety with an educational background in chemistry and environmental science. A self-proclaimed tree-hugger, his concern for environmental preservation has inspired him to better understand humankind's relationship with Mother Nature. In 2011, he realized his dream of working in the health and fitness industry in a meaningful capacity that incorporates all aspects of one's life, not just the physical, but the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as well. Paul found the direction he was looking for at the C.H.E.K. Institute, and over these last few years has made many lifestyle changes, in his pursuit of health, happiness and personal/professional success. Now he's excited to share that with you.

Personally, Paul is the proud father of one son (Max) and the proud husband of one wife (Chantalle). Away from work, he likes to play hockey, read about health & fitness, spend time with family (including dog, Ali) and eat!