Karen Monk
Karen Monk CBT, PTA
Certified Bowen Therapist

Karen is a very enthusiastic and proud Bowen Therapist and looks forward to providing the technique made famous by the late Tom Bowen to Kneaded Care Clients.

Karen obtained her Bowen certification through Bowtech in November of 2007. Since her certification, she has added to her expertise by taking additional courses including, Practitioner Review Days, Specialized Procedures 1, Mind and Body Bowen as well as Mother and Baby Bowen.

Since developing her practice Karen has become marvelled by the effectiveness of the Bowen Technique after seeing Clients with debilitating issues begin to heal in just a few treatments. At Kneaded Care, the team continues to be amazed by the results of this gentle, non-invasive yet powerful technique that has rid Clients of pain and distress. Karen works on the personal belief that less is more and takes pride in helping others understand the choices they have available to assist them in their path to healing.