Bayleigh Garner
Bayleigh Garner PTA
Physiotherapist Assistant

Bayleigh is a Physiotherapy Assistant with six years experience. She received her Diploma from Conestoga College in 2009 and has been enthusiastic about her job ever since. She has worked in a variety of settings such as clinics, long term care and retirement homes, and joined Kneaded Care since September 2014.

She has attended many extracurricular courses such as Falls Prevention, Lower Extremity Symposiums, Stroke Rehabilitation and Exercise/Stretching programs. Bayleigh works closely with our Physiotherapists and assists with promoting exercises, as well as providing education to clients about their conditions. She has the strong belief that an active and healthy lifestyle can make all the difference in how the client feels.

Bayleigh enjoys playing sports in the summer and watching sports like hockey in the winter. In her spare time, she is at home with her family, doing what she loves the most, being a mom.